Ease the burden & pre-plan your funeral

Pre-plan for your funeral prior to your death. Nobody likes to think about their own mortality but it will save your family from making hard decisions during an emotional time. 


We can help you leave clear instruction for the preparation of your funeral so your loved ones will be able to celebrate a life well-lived, rather than fussing over the tiny details.


You can decide in advance if you want to:

  • Nominate a minister or layperson to conduct the service
  • Be buried or cremated
  • Pre-pay your burial or cremation
  • Choose a special reading, music or flowers
  • Ask guests to donate to your favourite charity in lieu of gifts
  • Organise a post-service celebration

We understand discussing your funeral can be uncomfortable. Our funeral directors will do their best to put you at ease. Book an appointment today.

Funeral—Affordable funerals in Rockhampton City, QLD
Funeral—Affordable funerals in Rockhampton City, QLD

How should I communicate what I want at my funeral?

Video a message

With the invention of smartphones, recording your final wishes is as simple as pushing record in selfie-mode. Your family may find it comforting to hear your voice and know they are fulfilling your final wishes. It also makes a priceless keepsake they’ll be able to cherish, long after you’ve said your goodbyes. Be sure to send a copy of the video to your chosen funeral director.

Keep a journal

Diarise your plans and keep receipts of what’s been paid for. The documentation will help you convey exactly how you want to be laid to rest. This information should also be included in your last will and testament.