How to choose a coffin

Michael Currie at BRUNSWICK VALLEY FUNERALS understands the process of choosing a coffin is an emotional experience. It’s one decision we can’t make for you, but we will be by your side to help you
make an educated decision when you’re pre-planning your funeral or purchasing a coffin for a loved one. Prices are available on application. Contact us today to find out more.

Coffins—Affordable funerals in Rockhampton City, QLD

Environmentally-Friendly Coffins

Biodegradable coffins are becoming increasingly popular due to their low cost and reduced impact on the environment.

Wicker coffins

All-natural bamboo is hand-woven into standard-sized coffins up to 213cm long The base is constructed from eco-board (maximum weight capacity 150kg). Smaller coffins are available for children and infants. All coffins are supplied with a natural calico lining, pillow and beautifully engraved timber nameplate.

Cardboard coffins

Recyclable cardboard is an affordable alternative to polished timber. Perfect for ‘green’ burials, these coffins offer 90% lower carbon emissions and are structurally sound.

LifeArt Coffins

Personalise a coffin

Supply your own photographs and poems for a bespoke coffin that celebrates a life well-lived. We will liaise with LifeArt coffins on your behalf and ensure the final product is something unique to your family.

Decorate it yourself

Suitable for crayons, oil pastels, charcoal, marker pens, oils and acrylic paints, your family can add personal farewell messages, poems, quote and handprints to reflect a lifetime of memories.

Ready to Order

Coffins—Affordable funerals in Rockhampton City, QLD

There’s a design to suit every personality from patriotic Australian flags to leopard print. Choose from a diverse range of ready-to-order designs.

Contact us today to pre-order your LifeArt custom-made coffin.

Traditional Coffins

We offer a variety of solid wood coffins and caskets in a range of timbers and colour finishes. We’ll do our best to source what you want at the most affordable price available.